Spring is here

Spring is coming very quickly to Godolphin and a very welcome sight it is.

The lambs that were born in November have been grazing the fields at Godolphin and are well grown with a few already to weight.   There was an unfortunate incident for one unlucky lamb on Valentine’s Day when it was savaged by a large dog.   After emergency treatment it did survive, although minus an ear, but it is a stark reminder for dog owners to be responsible and keep their dogs on leads around livestock.

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At the beginning of March we had our regular TB test on our Godolphin cattle and nothing prepared us for the consequences.    Unfortunately 25 of our pedigree Ruby Red cattle tested positive for the disease, including our lovely bull, Darwin and one of our favourite cows, ‘Primrose’.   Most of last year’s calves tested positive and some of the cows that have very young calves on them will be taken leaving us to bucket rear their offspring.   Another 8 of the Hereford cross cattle also tested positive.   We will be compensated, but nowhere near the true worth of the cattle.   It also means our bloodlines have been lost and we will now have to rebuild and restart our breeding programme for this lovely traditional breed of cattle.

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We are now under TB restriction at Godolphin Estate Farm and we will have another test in 60 days and again 60 days after that.

Now some good news – in February, Jessica, who usually helps Mark on the farm, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl ‘Annie Rozelle’, a first granddaughter for Mark and Ruth.   Jessie is looking forward to introducing Annie to Godolphin and all the animals as soon as she can.

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